Building Dory – the van tour

We have been living in Dory the adventure bus for a few weeks now and we are so happy with her! She is everything we had hoped for – and more. Our plan all along was to make a true home out of her, and we did just so.

In this episode, we invite you into our new home for a visit. Everything we have built is working out great and she is running beautifully mechanically too. We have not only moved in but also given her a good run through. We have begun our next adventure and are hailing from Croatia at the moment, a 2275 km drive south. More on this next time.

Follow our journey through Europe in the vanlife series “Nomads for Love” – in production now!

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About the Author:

Karma is a digital nomad graphic artist and writer, explorer, orchid nerd, vanlifer and long-distance hiker from Gothenburg, Sweden. Thru-hikes: Kungsleden 2016, Te Araroa 2016-17, Skye Trail 2017, Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) 2018.

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