“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Living the dream.

Freedom is a deeply rooted core value that we both share, and one reason we chose to live the way we do. We feel most alive when we out hiking some remote trail, missioning up a crazy riverbed, or climbing mountains in search of sunrises. We are minimalist nomadic explorers, it how we choose to live our lives—and it is what truly makes us happy.

Walking the world

Norway to New Zealand

This is an unsupported human-powered continuous expedition across the world—from Norway to New Zealand. From North Cape in the very north of Scandinavia to Bluff at the southernmost tip of the South Pacific mainland.

As we poured over maps trying to decide on our next long-distance trail we soon realized that we wanted to walk the world — all of it. So, since we are from opposite ends of the world we decided to walk the distance. From Karma’s home in Scandinavia to Scott’s home the South Pacific. An epic 5+ year long mission! The minute the idea was voiced out loud, we knew it was the right thing to do! We are nomadic explorers after all. This is what we are meant to do!

By human powered we mean land based and primarily walking. But due to forces out of our control, such as visa time restrictions, we may need to get creative or choose to cycle or paddle parts along the way too. We aim to stay off roads as much as possible and hike trails and nature paths wherever we can. This is an expedition without all the answers at the start and one without an end date. Just the way we like it. We are driven by the curiosity to explore, not the end destination.

Welcome to follow us on our epic journey!

Quick facts

  • Start date: June 27, 2019
  • From: North Cape, Norway
  • To: Bluff, New Zealand
  • Length: 50 000+ km
  • Duration: 5+ years
  • Countries: 30+
  • Shoes: 40+ …each
  • How: human powered
  • Hiking trails when possible

Where are we now?

Trail network

We aim to connect (whole or parts of) trails as we walk across the world. This is partly a wishlist and always a work in progress.

A few highlights are

  • E1 long distance path (Northern Scandinavia)
  • E9 long distance path (Western Europe)
  • Via Alpina: red trail (European Alps)
  • GR20 (Corsica)
  • Lycian Way (Turkey)
  • Transcaucasian Trail (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan)
  • Annapurna Circuit (Nepal)
  • Bicentennial National Trail, BNT (Australia)
  • Te Araroa (New Zealand)


Press release: 07 August, 2019

Göteborgsposten 21 July, 2019 (Swedish)

Spännande möten: podcast interview 2019 (Swedish)

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Route planning

An interactive and organic document, always a work in progress. Tips and recommendations welcome!

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