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”You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

– Mae West

We are minimalist nomadic explorers with a passion for outdoor adventures. We have left the corporate rat race and choose to prioritize life differently. When we are not out on a long-distance hike we are usually out exploring the trails and crags of the world living in a van. We are living our dream and we hope to inspire you to live your dream too!

Karma & Scott

Take a moment to answer the ultimate question: am I living the life I really want to live? If the answer is no, or there is a nagging feeling that maybe there should be more to life, then perhaps it is time for a life reboot? Getting in touch with what we really want out of life is not always as simple as it sounds, it takes some self-awareness and a bit of practice. We start by making a conscious effort to live a life worth living every day and take it from there. more >

We believe that life should be about living the dream, not dreaming about living. For us, it means living as sustainably as possible in a way that does not require trading too much of our time for money while actively doing the things we love. We love outdoor adventures, primarily hiking and rock climbing, but spending time in nature is also a form of meditation and inspiration. This connection with nature is a very special feeling. It makes us feel truly alive. more >

Where are we now?

Nomads for love

We are out on a six-month journey through Eastern Europe in Dory the adventure bus. We are waiting for Scott’s residency permit for Sweden to come through, which can take up to two years (!), so if we want to be together in the meantime we basically have to travel. Jumping borders every three months when our tourist visas run out. What better way to do that than living in a van? We already love vanlife, so it seems the logical choice and it sure will be an adventure! At the moment we are exploring the beautiful Black Sea coast in Bulgaria.

More on this very soon!

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