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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

– Steve Jobs

We would much rather take the leap into the unknown and risk failing than staying put and forever wonder what could have been.

British philosopher Alan Watts had some interesting observations about life. He proposed that thinking that life would have some serious purpose at the end is all a great big hoax. He meant that life is what is actually happening while we are struggling to find meaning to it all. So in order to be happy, we really ought to follow our heart and enjoy the moment instead of always striving to reach some elusive future goal. We think he was spot on. His observations are very much in line with the awakening stage in a reboot. That feeling of somehow having lost touch with life and the need to bring it back into the here and now. Because if you are not living fully in the present moment, no future plans will ever matter.

How did we ever get sold on the idea that quality of life somehow is about accumulating money and things?

We believe that life should be about living the dream, not dreaming about living. In other words, creating a life we don’t need a vacation from. How that life manifests itself is different for everyone of course, but no matter how you choose to live your life, just make sure it is a conscious choice.

Alan Watts:

“We thought of life by analogy with a journey, with a pilgrimage, which had a serious purpose at the end. But we missed the point the whole way along. It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing, or to dance, while the music was being played.” [ listen ]

Karma & Scott

We are passionate about

Climbing, hiking and long-distance thru-hiking

For us, it is ultimately about freedom and adventure, but being outdoors is also a form of meditation, inspiration, and nourishment for body and soul.

We find that time in nature is a great way to silence the mind allowing time for some reflection and contemplation and even though it is a highly physical activity (we tend to walk really far or climb mountains) we come out with more energy than we had going in. This connection with nature is a very special feeling and we love it! Living immersed in it for long periods, like you do on a long-distance hike, is amazing. It helps you keep a perspective on life, by feeling small and insignificant at the same time as you feel a part of something magical and grand.

There is actually a lot of evidence to back this up. Serotonin and dopamine are the “happy” chemicals in our brain. Exercise increases the brain’s ability to produce and make use of these chemicals. Exercise in nature ups the ante even further. So in short, hiking makes you happier, not only because it brings you to awe-inspiring places, it is biology!

Studies have also shown that just spending time in nature can provide a multitude of restorative effects on the body such as reducing stress, reducing blood pressure, increasing creative problem-solving performance, boosting the immune system, preliminary studies even suggest that spending time in nature stimulates the production of anti-cancer proteins – and the list goes on!

Bottom line, being outdoors exploring and pushing the boundaries of our limits makes us feel healthier, happier and truly alive.

This may seem like a lot of gear (and it is, especially for minimalists, lol), but different types of adventures, seasons and objectives require different constellations of gear. We find it interesting and helpful to see what kind of gear people pack when we do research, so we figured we would return the favor. You will see that we are huge merino wool fans and Karma is a bit of a technology geek. We are not ultra-light proponents either, but always endeavor to strike the perfect balance between weight, comfort, and safety.

backpack: Osprey Aura AG 6562L1900g
backpack: Osprey Atmos AG 6565L2190g
backpack: Osprey Aura35L1300g
flight bags: Osprey Airporterx2M450g
rain cover: Osprey hi-vis112g
waterproof pack bags: Sea to Summit/ OspreyMisc
compression dry sacks: Sea to Summit UltraSil eVentSleeping bags90g
tent: Hilleberg Niak3-seasonsolo1700g
tent: Hilleberg Rogen3-season2-pers2100g
tent footprints: HillebergNiak/ Rogen250g/ 255g
hammock: Warbonnet BlackbirdXLC807g
tarp: Warbonnet Superfly4-season538g
inflatable mats: Therm-a-Rest Neoair XLitesummerL460g
inflatable mats: Therm-a-Rest Neoair XTherm4-seasonL max652g
closed-cell mat: Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite2/3 length295g
sleeping bag: Western Mountaineering Caribousummer down (+2C)mummy (wide)595g
sleeping bag: Western Mountaineering Alpinlite3-season down (-7C)mummy (wide)880g
sleeping bag: Western Mountaineering TerraLite3-season down (-4C)semi-rectangular510g
liner: Cocoonmerino wool600g
liner: Sea to Summit, reactorthermolite255g
liner: Sea to Summit,rip-stop silk165g
Primus expressgas cooker98g
Primus PrimeTechnon-stick pot1L282g
Primus LiTechfrying pan21 cm267g
Evernew ECA-402non-stic titanium pot0.9L102g
Evernew ECA-402frying pan/ lid38g
sporkstitanium (x2)20g
long spoontitanium19g
dish scraperrubber14g
Wildo vikkåsafolding cup (x2)0.25L25g
Wildo vikkåsafolding cup (x2)0.6L46g
Sawyer Squeezefilter77g
Sawyer Minifilter (in-line)56g
Platypus Hoserhydration bladder2L102g
Platypus Hoserhydration bladder3L120g
Evernew"dirty" water sack (filter)2L42g
MSR Dromlitewater sack6L162g
Klean Kanteen Classicstainless bottle0.8L174g
Light & Compactthermos0.5L362g
Black Diamond W’s Trail Protrekking poles490g
Leatherman Juicemulti-tool159g
Leatherman Style CSmulti-tool41g
DEEJO Nakedpocket knife15g
repair kit
duct tape
first aid kit
emergency bivvymylar
firelighter, storm matches, fire steel
Silva Trekkercompass34g
Sea to Summit map case56g
Sea to Summit mosquito head net12g
Therm-a-Rest Z-seatseating pad (half)30g
MSR dew rag20g
LED Lenser SEO 7Rheadlamp220ln93g
Petzl E Lite Classicheadlamp26ln27g
Black Diamond – orbitlantern84g
Nikon D-7000DSLR
Sony CyberShot HX90Vcompact242g
Sony CyberShot DSC-R00 IIIcompact263g
memory cards128GB
Lowepro Apex 30 AWcamera case (compact)100g
Lowepro Flipside 200camera backpack (DSLR)
Gorillapod minitripod36g
Gorillapod smartphone grip16g
iPhone 6143g
Røde VideoMic Memicrophone46g
iPhone 6smartphone143g
Lifeproofwaterproof case (iPhone 6)42g
Kindle Paperwhitee-reader358g
E-casewaterproof case (Kindle)50g
Ocean Signal rescueME PLB1PLB116g
Apple usb power supplyw/travel adapters74g
GP powerbank12000 mAh259g
Anker PowerCore20000 mAh354g
Anker PowerCore13000 mAh240g
Anker 15WDual USB Solar Charger354g
Ultimate Ears Roll 2bluetooth speaker330g
Guthook GuidesTe Araroa Hiker, PCT guide
Calazo Kartormaps for Sweden
DayOne Journaljournalling
iCloud Driveproductivity
Google Driveproductivity
Google Docsproductivity
PlayMemories (Sony)media
Instagramsocial media
Twittersocial media
Facebooksocial media
YouTubesocial media
valuablespassport, tickets, travel papers
glasses/ contacts
PackTowl microfibre towelsS/ L22g/ 86g
The Deuce of Spadespotty trowel17g
travel pharmacy
ear plugs
sun screen
bug repellant
audio booksiPhone
musiciPhone = Spotify
Black Diamond FreeWirequickdraws, 12 cm
Black Diamond, 7.8 mm half/twin fulldry30m rope1230g
Black Diamond, 9.9mm single60m rope3840g
Black Diamond w’s Primroseharness328g
Black Diamond ATC belay66g
Black Diamond RockLockscrewgate carabiner84g
Black Diamond chalk bag
Five Ten Rogue wclimbing shoes406g
Black Diamond Vaporhelmet199g
Black Diamond Sabretooth clipcrampons910g
Black Diamond Swiftice axe
Lundhags Mira Mid lighthiking boots, leather shell1200g
Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX Wtrailrunners788g
Teva Tirrasandals468g
Superfeet insolesgreen/ orange96g
briefs: Aclima46g
boxers: Peak Performance68g
sports bra: Icebreaker, rush108g
sports bra: Kari Traa, driva106g
socks: Bola, Icebreaker, SmartwoolMisc
waterproof socks: Sealskinz145g
tank top: Smartwool92g
t-shirts: Icebreaker, Smartwool115g
thermal shirt, long sleeve crew: Ortovox236g
thermal shirt, long sleeve half-zip: Kari Traathin208g
thermal shirt, long sleeve hoodie : Aclima WWthick/ winter352g
thermal pants: Kari Traathin182g
thermal pants: Aclima WWthick/ winter226g
Ortovox RNW Cool Shirtlong sleeve shirt, (merino/tencel)236g
Icebreaker hoodiemerino wool486g
Norrøna Falketind PrimaLoft 100 hoodyinsulated jacket/puffy396g
Fjällräven Abisko Trekking Tights 3/4254g
Fjällräven Keb Gaiterzip-off658g
Icebreaker shortsmerino/ polyester112g
Mountain Equipment Ogreshell/ rain jacket390g
Mountain Equipment Odysseyshell/rain pants, full zip295g
Craft sun visor36g
Redbull Racing sunglasses26g
Icebreaker head bandmerino wool
Beaniemerino wool
Aclima liner glovesmerino wool18g
Sealskinz gloveswind/ waterproof100g
Hestra mittswind/ waterproof shell128g
Buffmerino wool48g
Dirty Girlspandex gaiters30g
Rab latokalpine gaiters238g
Hilleberg Niak tent in Sarek, Sweden