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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

– Steve Jobs

A life worth living.

We believe that life should be about living the dream, not dreaming about living. We seek to live simpler, to consume less and focus on what really matters. For us, it means living as sustainably as possible in a way that does not require trading too much of our time for money while doing the things we love. We love hiking, running and climbing mountains. We find that time in nature is a great way to silence the mind allowing time for some reflection and contemplation—and it is about freedom. The longer time out disconnected from society the better. One reason we are really passionate about long-distance thru-hiking.

Hilleberg Niak tent in Sarek Sweden

Long-distance hiking & thru-hiking

Thru-hiking simply means continuously hiking a long-distance trail from end to end.

Hiking a long-distance trail demands focus and determination. While it is a lot of hard work we feel that it gives us a better perspective on life in return. It is a form of active meditation, and for us, there is no better way to achieve mindfulness. You fall into a meditative rhythm where life becomes simpler. Your job is to eat, sleep, walk—repeat. For months! There is a bit more minimalistic approach to gear and more focus on distance when you are out on really long trails. Mainly because you value traveling light, but you soon realize how few things you actually need. Long-distance hiking differs from “regular” hiking in the sense that while it is still a great physical achievement, it is more a mental and logistical game.

Long-distance trails

Distance: 440 km
Hiking window: June–September
Thru-hike: Karma 2016

Kungsleden is a beautiful 440 km trek through the Scandinavian mountain range between Hemavan in the south and Abisko in the north. Arguably Sweden’s most famous long-distance trail with National Geographic listing it among the “World’s Best Hikes“ among its claims to fame. Trailing across majestic mountains, river valleys and highland plateaus it is a truly breathtaking experience! Early in the season, you can enjoy the midnight sun and later the northern lights. Due to the weather which can be unreliable all season and the northerly location around the arctic circle, the trail has a pretty short hiking window from late June into early September.

Te Araroa
New Zealand
Distance: 3000 km
Hiking window: Sep–Dec (sobo), Nov–Jan (nobo)
Thru-hike: Karma 2016-17

Te Araroa is a 3000 km trail spanning the entire amazing country of New Zealand, from Cape Reinga in the north to Bluff in the south. A relative newcomer on the though-hike circuit the trail features a wide variety of experiences. It is true what they say about the North Island being more about the kiwi culture and people you meet along the way, while the South Island is all about the stunning alpine landscape. Te Araroa serves up an incredible variety, from tropical forests to epic mountains, stunning valleys, impressive rivers, beautiful lakes, and massive volcanoes. Te Araroa is Maori for the long pathway, and while it is long it has been worth every step! Recommended hiking window for a southbound start is late September-December to finish no later than mid- to late April. Northbound starts from November-January. These recommendations take into account the unforgiving New Zealand weather as well as seasonal closures (for lambing etc).

The Skye Trail
Isle of Skye, Scotland
Distance: 128 km
Hiking window: May–September
Thru-hike: Karma 2017

The Skye Trail is an unofficial 128 km route through the whole amazing Isle of Skye in the Scottish highlands. The trail goes through some of the UK’s finest landscapes, such as the Trotternish Ridge through the Quiraing to Old Man Storr and skirting the intriguing Cuillin mountain range on its way from Rubha Hunish in the north to Broadford in the south. A fairly straightforward walk although there is a fair bit of “weather” battering this slice of heaven so expect to get wet. If you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes – and it will get worse, lol. Some basic navigation skills are needed too as there are no waymarks for the route and some sections lack a formed path, but mostly it was easy going. Recommended hiking window is late spring to early fall.

Pacific Crest Trail
Distance: 4265 km (2650 mi)
Hiking window: March–October
Thru-hike: Karma & Scott 2018

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) stretches about 4265 km (2650 miles) from the Mexican border to the Canadian border in the western United States with a total elevation gain of 95 923 meters. The PCT goes through California, Oregon, and Washington from the desert in the south through the mighty mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades further north. Despite its popularity, arguably being one of the most famous long-distance trails in the world, only about one in five thru-hikers actually make it all the way. It takes most hikers about 5 months from start to finish with a recommended hiking window from late March to early October, depending on the year.

E1 long-distance path
Distance: 7980 km
Hiking window: A full year*
Hike: Karma & Scott – part of a big future plan

The European long-distance paths (E-paths) are a network of long-distance trails designated by the European Ramblers’ Association. The E1 European long-distance path crosses the European continent north to south. It has a total length of about 7,980 km (4,960 miles), from Nordkapp in Norway to Capo Passero in Sicily, passing through Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, and Italy along the way. It is estimated to take 10-12 months to complete and the hiking window* needs to primarily be planned around recommended hiking seasons for both the Scandinavian mountain range and the Alps (June through August).

E4 long-distance path
Distance: 10450 km
Hiking window: A full year*
Hike: Karma & Scott – part of a big future plan

The European long-distance paths (E-paths) are a network of long-distance trails designated by the European Ramblers’ Association. The E4 European long distance path crosses the European horizontally. It is a 10,450 km (6,493 miles) trail from Tarifa in south-western Spain to Larnaca in Cyprus. It is estimated to take 10-11 months to complete and the hiking window* needs to primarily be planned around recommended hiking season for the Alps (June through August).

The Via Alpina
Distance: ca 2400 km
Hiking window: June–September
Thru-hike: Karma & Scott – 2020 (part of a big future plan)

The Via Alpina is a network of five long-distance hiking trails across the European Alps. There are 5 international trails, through 8 countries and over 5000km between 0 to 3000m above sea level. The trails are not technically difficult but demanding due to the amount of elevation gain/loss, weather conditions, and the short hiking window. Our focus is the red trail is the longest and probably the most demanding route, crossing the main Alpine range several times, joining all eight Alpine countries and connecting Trieste to Monaco via Bavaria and Liechtenstein.

Some of our favorite gear

karma + scott mountaineering sarek national park

Clothing choices depend on the mission, but we do of course have a few favorite brands.

brandsfavorite products
Icebreakerwe looove merino!!! mid layers, base layers (thermals), t-shirts, shorts, socks , accessories
Norrønamid- and reinforcement layers (gore-tex jacket, pants)
Rabmisc (down puffy, alpine gaters etc.)
Mountain Equipmentmountaineering gear (winter down gear etc.)
Salomontrail runners (XA Pro 3D GTX)
Lundhagsleather hiking boots (Jaure / Mira mid)
La Sportivamountaineering boots
Superfeetinsoles (green)
Dirty Girlgaiters for trailrunners (= sanity)
backpack: Osprey Aura AG 6562L1900g
backpack: Osprey Atmos AG 6565L2190g
backpack: Osprey Aura35L1300g
rain cover: Osprey Ultralight L90g
waterproof pack bags: Sea to Summit/ OspreyMisc
compression dry sacks: Sea to Summit UltraSil eVent (sleeping bags)90g
tent: Hilleberg Niaksolo1700g
tent: Hilleberg Rogen2-pers2100g
inflatable mats: Therm-a-Rest Neoair XThermL max652g
sleeping bag: Western Mountaineering Caribou (+2C)mummy (wide)595g
sleeping bag: Western Mountaineering Alpinlite (-7C)mummy (wide)880g
sleeping bag: Western Mountaineering TerraLite (-4C)semi-rectangular510g
liner: Sea to Summit, reactor thermolite255g
liner: Sea to Summit rip-stop silk165g
Primus express gas cooker98g
Primus PrimeTech non-stick pot1L282g
spork (titanium)20g
Wildo vikkåsa (folding cup)0.6L46g
Sawyer Squeeze filter77g
Platypus Hoser bladder3L120g
Evernew (filter water sack)2L42g
Klean Kanteen Classic (stainless bottle)0.8L174g
trekking poles: Black Diamond (W’s) Trail Pro490g
multi-tool: Leatherman Juice159g
multi-tool: Leatherman Style CS41g
knife: DEEJO Naked15g
Therm-a-Rest Z-seathalf30g
headlamp: LED Lenser SEO 7R (220ln)93g
iPhone6, 8143g
Lifeproof (waterproof case)42g
Ocean Signal rescueME PLB1116g
Apple 12W USB power adapter(w/travel kit)74g
Anker PowerCore20000 mAh354g
Anker PowerCore13000 mAh240g
Anker Dual USB Solar Charger15W354g
Røde VideoMic Me microphone46g
Guthook GuidesTe Araroa Hiker, PCT guide
Calazo Kartormaps for Sweden
DayOne Journaljournalling


What is my potential? What am I capable of? How can I answer these questions for myself in the simplest way?

These were the questions Scott was asking himself, coming back from injury. Follow his journey back.

Well, I have a plan! Run, run, run and when I cannot run anymore just keep running. Easy to say. Not so easy to do, and therein lies the challenge.

Expressions like “its not the destination its the journey” and “I wouldn’t change a thing because it makes me who I am today”, while clichés, I believe there is truth in them. I believe the journey through hardship, pain, commitment, determination, self-motivation, goals, and finally achievement answer these questions of who I am and what I am made of. This excites me and the fear of failure drives me. So why ultrarunning? Well, you get fit, live a healthy routine, surround yourself with amazing like-minded people and inevitably feel better in mind, body, and spirit.

But what I really want to know is: can I do it?


Gotland Ultra Marathon
Gotland, Sweden
Saturday, October 5, 2019
Distance: 50 km

What can I say? It is 50 km of running around the largest island in Sweden. The race starts at Hallshuk and runs along fantastic coastal scenery into Visby. Other than that, I have no idea of the course terrain, elevation or weather. What I do know is that this is my first official ultra. So how do I get from where I am today to be able to run 50k? And I don’t mean to just finish – I mean to run it well and enjoy it. Little steps, lots of little steps, that will eventually add up and turn me into an ultra runner.

  • Step one: RUN.
  • Step two: Eat well and drink water.
  • Step three: Run some more.

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