• Season 1 Episode 4
  • Where: New Zealand
  • What: 1984 Isuzu JCR500
  • When: June 2020

Finishing the foundation.

The focus for this past week was to finalize the huge undertaking that is the foundation for our new home. Lowering the floor and rust repairs has taken a bit more time and energy than we had hoped, but we are super stoked with the result. While we had a welder on-site we also engineered a cage for our huge freshwater tank between the chassis rails. Maximizing that space since we don’t have a boot. Now we can move forward with the build, and build what we really want, and not worry about the structure. She is built like a tank!

On a side note… the kitchen renovation is inching closer to completion as well. We scored some beautiful vintage stainless handles on TradeMe for FREE! They were really tarnished, but after some scrubbing with a bit of vinegar and elbow grease and they came up really nice. Love cool free stuff!