• Season 1 Episode 5
  • Where: New Zealand
  • What: 1984 Isuzu JCR500
  • When: June 2020

Things are happening fast now!

This week we put the new subfloor down and begin to cover the walls. The first interior wall goes up and we are actually starting to install furniture in the bus! Bed frame, dresser, and vanity for starters.

We use treated 19 mil tongue and groove plywood for our new subfloor that will later be covered in a hardwood floor. We decided to cover our sidewalls and ceiling with 7 mil grooved plywood. It is both light and thin but not too expensive and will look really nice painted. We started on the sidewalls so we can start putting the internal walls up and will continue putting them up as we go.

We are super excited to see the bed frame and first interior wall go up this week. Since we are using furniture to brace our interior walls to save space and weight, both dresser and vanity are also put into place.

The bus is really starting to look like a home now!