Time to check in on our little hanging garden. Proof that just because you live in a van full time does not mean you cannot have a wee garden! This season we are growing a tomato and strawberry plant while living vanlife in New Zealand. Figuring it would be a lot easier to transport them in hanging pots, we planted them upside-down in paint buckets. Though the whole mobility element of vanlife is not their most favorite part, it still works like a charm!

Strawberry-fields-forever-John adapted beautifully to this arrangement, and there are many benefits to growing strawberries off the ground. No dirty fruit and fewer problems with bugs munching on them before you do, to name a few. Paul the cherry tomato was struggling with the upside-down concept, however, so we caved and planted him out of the top instead. The poor thing actually even spent a few days on the compost heap before we embarked on a rescue mission to save him, and we are so happy we did! Now both plants thrive and we are enjoying a lot of fresh fruit in the van this summer!