We are getting close, oh so close, to finishing up this build now! Dory is a buzzing hive of activity all day long and well into the evenings. Working in such a small space means we are taking on pretty much everything at once as it is all interconnected and dependant on each other. It makes for some interesting moments in the van, but we are motivated to just getting it done now.

In this episode, we will finish the bed frame and install our beautiful IKEA kitchen with real size appliances and some true luxury amenities such as a fridge and water heater. We also accept the reality of spending a winter in the van and install a heater too. Hopefully, we won’t need it much, but it really sucks being cold so we are pulling out all the stops on this build. We did not have any of this in our last van so these are true quality of life upgrades for sure.

Most importantly Dory passes inspection! This means that we have completed the vehicle import procedure and the reclassification from a light truck to a camper. Dory is a Swedish camper van now and we are super excited!

Accessories installed