This is the final build video because–drum roll please–Dory is done! Yes!!! Just in time too… we only had 5 days left before we had to leave the Schengen area, and that would include at least a few days of driving. Winter also announced its intents with a lot colder weather and even some snow lately. Time to roll south! So check out the last week of building before we do just that.

In this episode, the worlds most elaborate closet is coming together, complete with shower. The amazing glass mosaic tiles finish off the kitchen project and drawers and storage under the bed go in. Curtains go up and a whole lot of loose ends are tied up. We were starting to feel the time crunch but somehow manage to pull it off. The bus is looking amazing and we are so proud of the result!

Next time we will give you a full tour and review of the van as we have been living in her for a few weeks on the road. Follow our journey through Europe in the vanlife series “Nomads for Love” – in production now!

Accessories installed