Announcement time! By the end of June, in just 25 days, our next adventure begins… an unsupported human-powered continuous expedition across the world – from North Cape in the very north of Scandinavia to Bluff at the southernmost tip of the South Pacific mainland. Yes, you heard me right. We are walking from Norway to New Zealand, an epic 5+ year long mission!

This is the story of our walk across the world. We are becoming true nomads at last. Ever since we returned home a few weeks ago we have been busy dismantling the last few remnants of “ordinary” life here in Sweden. We have been selling, donating and throwing away everything that does not fit in our backpacks. Selling off larger ticket items, like furniture and my apartment, is supplementing our travel budget for the years moving forward.

It is a very liberating feeling to finally be free of all material possessions, and truly live the life of a nomad, carrying my entire life in the pack on my back.

Stats: Expedition “Walking the World”

  • Distance: 50 000 + km (as the bird flies)
  • Time: 5+ years
  • Number of countries: 30+
  • Number of shoes: 40+ …each

Route planning

We have made a rough plan of the expedition, but apart from the first two years, which mainly includes Scandinavia and Europe, the plan is still a work in progress. We welcome your input!!

The first summer we plan to start the expedition at the very top of Scandinavia, at North Cape in Norway. Working our way down the Scandinavian mountain range bordering Norway and Sweden following European long distance path E1 south, then jumping on the E9 when we hit the European continent.

Next summer is earmarked for Via Alpina, an epic trail through the whole European Alpine mountain range, from France to Slovenia. Everything in between is a little more flexible. We will update you as we go in much more detail.

Trail info

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We would love to stay connected, so please engage with us on social media. If you want to support the cause, please consider joining the Reboot Crew on Patreon too. We really love having you with us on this epic adventure!