Walking the world

  • Norway/Sweden: Brede – Storlien
  • 21 – 28 September
  • 185 km (1850 km in total)
  • Northern Scandinavia + Gröna Bandet


Our desire to push on is seriously delayed by shipping problems this week and we loose about 2-3 days in the process. A bit frustrating knowing that we are running out of time here in Scandinavia. Still, we enjoy a week with much improved weather, clear blue skies and sun although a bit chilly. Nice! We also leave Norway behind for good as we are crossing over into Sweden one last time.

Trail description


Heading out of town over bridges crossing flooded rivers and walking alongside full lakes we aim south. Waiting for a package to arrive, this meant the next 50km needed to take us 4 days so we took our time. After package collection we used back country roads and short trails to connect our way to were we would cross over a mountain pass. This trail was beautiful but very wet and boggy until we hit gravel roads again. We used busier roads for a few km to get us to Storlien with dry feet.

Gaia GPS track

Trail journal

Day 87: Snåsa

Distance: 5 km (1670 km total). Weather: overcast, rain showers

We packed up and walked back up to the Coop supermarket in Brede to charge up our phones and battery while we finished updating the blog and social media. Turns out the shop offers free coffee and fika (baked goods) on Saturdays and we were welcomed to share this with tradition with the group of elderly locals who turned up. Super nice! The rain was supposed to let up after lunch so we took our time — free food!

We are forced to slow things down a bit as we are having DHL issues and our package with my cursed rain pants is running late to the designated pickup. Sooo we just walked a few km out of town before camping up. With the ground everywhere being totally waterlogged due to the storm last night we choose a practical camp spot… we are enjoying another dry night thanks to an old abandoned railway shed. Amazingly enough there is a live power plug in here (!) so we can finish charging up the power bank battery!

Looks like we can afford another movie night too then with access to power.

Day 88: Steinkjer

Distance: 24 km (1694 km total). Weather: sunny, chilly

Finally a day with no rain! Still pretty chilly but the sun even came out for a while today! We are trying to take it easy, trying to “kill time” since we are waiting for DHL to deliver our package on Tuesday just down the road. It is literally just down the road. We could walk in there by lunch tomorrow, but the package will not be there for another day. Ohhh I find it is sooo hard to go slow!!!

Found a pretty nice camp spot by the lake. Had some hot tea, washed up a bit (freezing cold), and tucked in. It is pretty cold once you stop moving…

Day 89: Steinkjer

Distance: 15 km (1709 km total). Weather: sunny

Working on the zen… going slow… oh ok fine, I (Karma) am working on this… Scott is much better at acceptance and chillin’. Tomorrow is the big day though… c’mon DHL we have hope!!!

Cruised down the road today. Nice and sunny. Pretty warm even. Stopped in at a small Coop along the way for some more coffee and hot chocolate… one can never have too much. Strange vibe in there though. We actually did not feel welcome… Scott lives for his coffee, but I don’t like drinking it when I hike. It makes me need to pee every 5 minutes… so I go for hot chocolate instead.

Found an amazing camp spot with views, sun, by a clear stream and almost flat. Right on the edge of an oat field, but since it has been harvested already we felt no one would really mind. Living the dream.

Day 90: Steinkjer

Distance: 17 km (1726 km total). Weather: nice and sunny

Still no DHL package today… no package until tomorrow!! Called them, but no help. We ran into the DHL delivery guy running packages from the airport to the local delivery points. He was actually super helpful and called his friend who put our package on his truck and brought it to another pickup spot just south of here that we will pass tomorrow. So cool! We’ll see if third time really is a charm.

At least we enjoyed a beautiful and sunny day today with some summer warmth.

Found the most amazing camp spot at the end of the day too. We saw signs for a trailhead on a saddle between two valleys and followed the trail up on a rise above the road. Beautiful pine trees on rock. It felt like a slice of wilderness in between all the farmland. Camped up and enjoyed the last hour of sun before tucking in. Life is good.

Day 91: Verdal

Distance: 36 km (1762 km total). Weather: nice and sunny

Success! The DHL drama is finally concluded. Package collected. Thank you delivery guy, you rock!

Another nice and sunny day walking south! We found another nice camp spot by the big river. It was someone’s private fishing spot with a little windbreak shelter, so we ticked away just out of sight, but there was even a long drop toilet here. Luxury!

Day 92: Meråker

Distance: 42 km (1804 km total). Weather: nice and sunny

Picking up the pace again. Heading for Sweden now and will probably cross the border for the last time tomorrow or the next day. Hope this amazing weather window holds!

A big day today which ended with about 15 km trail climbing up and over the mountains. We pushed hard to get over before it got dark. We’ll sleep good tonight.

Day 93: Meråker

Distance: 29 km (1833 km total). Weather: sunny

Another sunny day but there is a chill in the wind and clouds are forming… We are heading towards Storlien in Sweden and we should get there by lunch tomorrow. There we will pick up our new tent, an all season tent better suited for our expedition as we are heading into winter. So this is our last night in this one (Hilleberg Rogen). It has served us well, but is wearing out.

Back on the road again today. Followed a gravel road along a few big lakes with holiday hones for the first half of the day, then the busier E14 towards Storlien in the afternoon. We still found a very nice camps pot just a few hundred meters off the highway, a gated quarry next to a little lake. Beautiful! We tucked in and made sone food. Feeling a bit tired today from the long day over the mountain yesterday.

Day 94: Storlien/Sevedholm

Distance: 27 km (1860 km total) (1850 km to Storlien). Weather: drizzle, sunny with clouds in the afternoon

Crossed over into Sweden today. Did our resupply at the Coop supermarket in Storlien. What a crazy place that was! Full of Norwegians coming across the border for less expensive goods. There was a line for the liquor and tobacco counter!

We also picked up our new tent! An epic Hilleberg Allak 2. This is a proper all season tent and a true bomb shelter! We will share some more thoughts on it next time after we have used it for a bit.

Left town and started following Southern Kungsleden south over the mountains. We love anything with the word “south” in it…